QA Photos is a world leader in underground and surface construction

and transportation photography.


Since QA was established in 1986, our photographic team has

produced exciting publicity material for clients: contractors,

consultants and equipment manufacturers on many of the world's

greatest projects. These include the Channel Tunnel, the Lesotho

Highlands Water Delivery, The Millennium Dome, Alptransit in

Switzerland, the Jubilee Line Extension in the UK, Chek Lap Kok

in Hong Kong and the Yali Hydro in Vietnam.


We are experts in the highly specialised field of construction and our

photographers will travel to get the pictures that tell the stories.

If you need exclusive photo coverage for your company and you

want inspiring and atmospheric material from your current

project - talk QUALITY ASSURED! THE LIBRARY The library

contains some 450,000 images. These exciting and unique images

are from many of the worlds greatest tunnelling and construction

projects. At the heart of the collection is the complete Channel Tunnel

archive. In addition the library also holds many thousands of exciting

and atmospheric pictures including: underground structures, bridges,

dams, roads, power stations, rail track and rolling stock and the

Millennium Dome. THE LABORATORY The QA Photos lab utilises

the latest digital technology following massive investment. Our

exceptional team can deliver high-end Scitex scanning; digital

manipulation; web site design and CD archiving. Delivery can be via

high speed ISDN and WAM!NET / print out-put through our digital

photographic printer or large format UV-stable inkjet printer. We also

have the traditional hand printing services and can produce duplicates

from 35mm slide to 10x8 transparency. All services are based on our

company philosophy which is qualily assured!